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April 25, 2010  |  Daily inspiration

Luigi Crescenzi the founder of Leicatime and a well known craftsman has made the finest cases and bags for our camera’s for decades. He still keeps developing and making even better products, and he is really up to date in the digital era with his timeless Italian leather bags and cases.

A young Luigi already into camera’s…

One of his amazing half cases for Leica M8/9…

Luigi Crescenzi

Here’s a short interview with him:

Where are you located?
Roma, Italy where I am born, too…

What is your name and age?
Luigi Crescenzi, born September 15th, 1941

How did you start out with making leather bag, cases and straps?
As a Leica dealer, also for used and collectible cameras, I was “fighting” against the cases problems since the year 1982, with many broken cases, mostly due to the rear detaching “Snap” system, as well with the poor “cotton” stitching of most cases. Then, since the early 90’s, I thought to try to make and to offer my own HALF cases (1st year), then also the FULL cases. The line growth, until the actually 100++ models, each in 13+ colors, and each in several fitting’s variations… Plus, the exotic leathers.

What is your favorite camera accessory?
Formerly, say many years ago, I was loving the Leicavit, Scnoo, all rapid winders. Actually, and sincerely, I like really A LOT my special M-Mate2 baseplate for Leica M8, M8-2, M9 ! But, I will issue some new accessories, too… J

What is you favorite camera?
The Leica M9, actually, that I suggested Leica Co. to make since the year 1998/1999, obtaining only the answer, after MONTHS of my insisting calls and phone conversations : “It’s IMPOSSIBLE, mr. Crescenzi, do you want to understand ? It is I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E” !!! (Last time, shouted to me by Mr. Romolo Rappaini, the Leica brand manager in Italy at the time ! J) And all that, after that for years I gave several useful suggestions for the possible new items, some of which has been issued…

My favorite old, collectible cameras, are the Leica 250 Reporter, and the small Ducati Sogno, a micro-Leica copy, heavy, well made, a half frame 18x24mm To be used, as a film camera, I love the Leica M2, possibly with a my strap, and without any meter ! J

What is you main source of inspiration?
Probably, the fact that I was (am ?) a photographer, too, then I hope to may issue something really useful for the matter…

Any exiting upcoming news?
Yes, but (sorry) I prefer at the moment to don’t reveal the details…
As many other item’s makers, I am besieged and tormented by many imitators !

Thanks Luigi…

For more info please visit: www.leicatime.com

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  1. Luigi is an incredible craftsman and perfect gentleman. His cases are impeccably designed and hand built. They make shooting with a Leica even more special. Thank you, Luigi.
    Rich Cerick

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